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  • In most cases, signing up for Medicare at age 65 is a good idea, unless you want to risk paying a permanently higher premium.
  • If still covered under an employer health plan, no late penalty applies if you delay Medicare sign up.
  • Most people have to sign up for Medicare when they turn 65, but some people enroll automatically.

  • You can apply for Medicare online, as well as by phone, mail, or in-person.
  • Overall, Social Security’s online application is the easiest and fastest way to apply for Medicare.
  • Generally, to apply for Medicare online takes about ten minutes after a few required documents are gathered.
  • In nearly every case, people should apply for Medicare when initially eligible.
  • In cases where applicants missed their initial enrollment period, they must sign up  during another enrollment period when it becomes available.

  • The Medicare website provides information on eligibility at no cost
  • The Medicare website provides a sign-up option at no cost
  • The Social Security website provides information on eligibility
  • The Social Security website provides a sign-up portal for Medicare as well as Social Security benefits at no cost

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